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This a page for the pictures I have taken at all of our regional Subaru Impreza Club Meets. Click on a title to enter the gallery for that meet. Questions and comments are always welcome- feel free to email me.

Anheuser-Busch Plant
Merrimack New Hampshire

Burlington Mall Meet
Burlington, Massachusetts

Garage Day 2/18/01
Kpratte's Place, New Hampshire

Team O'Neill Winter Driving School
Franconia, New Hampshire

Garage Day 2/24/01
Kpratte's Place, New Hampshire

WRX Arrives 3/13/01
Exeter Subaru,
Stratham New Hampshire

Garage Day 4/8/01
Kpratte's Place, New Hampshire

NESIC Meet June 9th, 2001
Mel's Tee-Off,
Litchfield New Hampshire

NESIC Meet August 25, 2001
People's State Forest,
Pleasant Valley CT

Garage Day 9/8/01
Kpratte's Place, New Hampshire

Maine Forest Rally, 7/26-7/27 2002
Rumford, Maine

Garage Day, 9/29/02
North Ursalia's Place

Great North Woods Rally
October 26, 2002

Garage (Warehouse) Day
March 11, 2003