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Click a thumbnail for a larger view- I will keep the newest images at the top of the page. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me and I will try to answer as best I can.

These are just a couple of photos I shot tonight after finishing up a little bit of work on my other time waster, my Subaru BRAT. The car is clean for once, and will have it's Version 6 engine and transmission hopefully sometime in May.

These photos were taken September 22, 2004. It has been quite awhile since I last took photos (over 2 years), and recent additions include an STi v6 exhaust, STi v6 power folding mirrors, I removed the rear windowtop spoiler and installed a v6 rear window with wiper in its place, 4 pot brakes up front, plus the newly refinished wheels. These are the stock 2000 RS wheels that had taken a beating as I used them as winter wheels. The last photo is a closeup of the wheels- the paint job really is quite good for a rattle can job if I do say so myself. The ride height has come up quite a bit with the addition of an STi Gymkhana suspension setup- I gained ride height and improved handling over the last setup.

These are the newest photos, taken after a thorough inside and outside cleaning of the car. These were taken May 22, 2002.

These photos were taken April 10th, 2002 on NH Route 112 (the Kancamagus Highway). The highway and pass were nearly deserted (I saw perhaps 10 other cars in the 60-ish mile roundtrip) so it was a great day to be up there. The Kancamagus cuts right through the center of the White Mountain National Forest, and connects the Franconia Notch area to the shops in North Conway and also to Crawford Notch via Bear Notch Road. Incredible unspoiled natural beauty.

Ooops! Sadly, this was the last set of my favorite tires to this day, the Falken 502's. They will be sorely missed. This blowout nearly ended me sideways impaled on a guardrail. Time for new tires- Falken 451's.

These are the last pictures before winter most likely... the stock rims and snow tires are back on again. The car just does not look right without the gold rims, but since I live in New England and not on a tropical island, 5 months of the year I have to do without them.

I have pictures of the newest additions to my Impreza RS- an STi Version 6 dash cluster and an STi Version 6 front grill. I once again decided to do the lighted grill badge modification with this grill, though I used a bulb half as dim as the first time- I like it more subtle.

These are the newest pictures of my Impreza RS, taken July 22, 2001. It has been a LONG time since the car was this clean, so it was as good a time as any to take photographs.

Older photos may be found in the archive.