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All parts are listed alphabetically by description, and then the part number follows. It may be helpful to use the "edit" and then "find on this page" feature of your browser to speed your search. If you have any part numbers to add to this list, please email them to me. Please keep in mind that I do not sell these parts, I merely maintain this database for fellow enthusiasts.

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Part Name Part Number Quantity
2.5RS Badge (From Trunklid) 93081FA030 1
Chrome AWD Badge 93073AE210 1
Letter Mark "2.5 RS IMPREZA" 93073FE040 1
Letter Mark "2.5 TS IMPREZA" 93073FE030 1
Letter Mark "WRX IMPREZA" 93073FE050 1
"IMPREZA" Chrome Trunk Letters 93060FA010 1
STi Carbon Fiber Keychain SG96100250 1
STi Center Caps BBS ST2810055270 1 Set
STi Center Caps Rays Carbon Fiber ST288114S000 1 Set
STi Center Caps Rays RS Zero ST288114S010 1 Set
STi Chamois Towel STSG97400140 1
STi Coffee Mug SG99100040 1
STi Hat (Black) SG97300210 1
STi Oval Fender Badging ST9100055010 1
STi Pocketknife (Black) SG98100020 1
STi Titanium Shift Knob C1010FA100 1
STi T-Shirt (Black) SG99200015 1
STi 22B Titanium Side Badging ST99800ST620 1
STi 25x110mm Carbon Fiber Emblem ST99800ST420 1
STi 45x122mm "STi" in Red ST99800ST000 1
STi 45x122mm "STi" in Silver ST99800ST200 1
STi 51x510mm Red on White "STi Subaru Technica International" ST9980000010 1
STi 51x510mm White on Red "STi Subaru Technica International" ST9980000000 1
STi 230mmx260mm White over Red "STi Subaru Technica International" ST9980000020 1
STi 230mmx260mm Red Over White "STi Subaru Technica International" ST9980000030 1
STi Gold and Carbon Fiber Rabbit Emblem ST99800ST720 1
STi Pink "I" Badge STS025500201 1
STi Pink Sticker ST9980000040 1
STi Red/Gold Stars Badge STS045500090 1
"STi Subaru Technica International" Large Banner 100x740mm ST9980000080 1
"STi Subaru Technica International" Medium Banner 50x370mm ST9980000090 1
"STi Subaru Technica International" Small Banner 30x220mm ST9980000100 1
"STi Subaru Technica International" 9x151mm ST99800ST450 1
STi White and Carbon Fiber Rabbit Emblem ST99800ST710 1
"SUBARU" banner 121x1010mm ST9981000010 1