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All parts are listed alphabetically by description, and then the part number follows. It may be helpful to use the "edit" and then "find on this page" feature of your browser to speed your search. If you have any part numbers to add to this list, please email them to me. Please keep in mind that I do not sell these parts, I merely maintain this database for fellow enthusiasts.

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Part Name Part Number Quantity
1991 Automatic Transmission Control Module 31711AB385 1
1991 Engine Control Module 22611AA933 1
AC Belt 73323AC000 1
Alternator/Power Steering Belt 809218140 1
Anti Slip Mat J5010LS040 1
Auto Dimming Mirror/Compass H5010LS100 1 Kit
Axle Band 23242GA410 1
Bike Attachment E3610AS801 1 Kit
Bike Attachment Clamps E3610AS810 1 Kit
Bike/Hitch Attachment E3610AS940 1
Battery Warmer J6010FS000 1
Boot, Rear Axle CV Joint 28023AA120 1
Breather Cap, Rear Diff Carrier 38354AA002 1
Bulb For Fan Control Backlighting 72351AC051 1
Bulb For Temperature Control Backlighting (Need 2) 72351AC062 1
Camshaft Oil Seal (DOHC) 806732150 1
Camshaft/Timing Belt 13028AA072 1
Cap (Interior Trim Over Rear Wagon Strut) RH 94045AC100MU 1
Cap (Interior Trim Over Rear Wagon Strut) LH 94045AC110MU 1
Cap, Oil Filler 15255KA111 1
Car Cover Bag M0010AS020 1
Car Cover Sedan M0010AS000 1
Car Cover Wagon M0010AS010 1
Cargo Bin J5010LS000 1
Cargo Net Sedan J5510LS000 1
Cargo Net Wagon J5510LS000 1
CD Changer 6 Disc In Dash H6240LS100 1
CD Player H6240LS000 1
Cooler/Warmer SOA78V100 1
Cross Bar Set Round E3610AS181 1
Cylinder Head RH, 2.2 SOA4786150 1
Cylinder Head LH, 2.2 SOA4786160 1
Dog Guard (Cars With Moonroof) F5510LE020 1
Dog Guard (Cars Without Moonroof) F5510LE030 1
Dome/Rear Reading Lamps H6410LS00 1
Downpipe, 2.2 Turbo Legacy 44102AA030 1
Dust Boot, Clutch Fork 30542AA040 1
Engine Block Heater A0910AS000 1
Fuel Injector: 480CC STi TT Legacy 16611AA231 1
Gasket, Oil Drain Bolt 11126AA000 1
Gasket, Rear Differential Carrier Cover 38353AA031 1
Gasket, Thermostat 21236AA010 1
Gasket, Water Pump 21114AA050 1
Hood Deflector E2310LS000 1
Hose Clamp (Radiator Hoses) 091748004 1
Idler Pulley, Timing Belt (DOHC) 13073AA142 1
Ignition Coil (Diamond) 22433AA400 1
Illuminated Visors (Beige) J5110LS000GF 1 Pair
Illuminated Visors (Gray) J5110LS000OB 1 Pair
Internal Trunk Release Handle (1995-1999 Except LSi) X5751AC000 1
Internal Trunk Release Handle (1995-1997 LSi) X5751AC010 1
Internal Trunk Release Handle (2000-2001) X5751AE000 1
Kayak Carrier E3610AS190 1
Kayak Carrier Clamps E3610AS810 1
Leather Shift Knob (A/T) 35022AC000 1
Leather Shift Knob (M/T) 35126AE040 1
Master Cylinder, Clutch (99+ Models) 37230FC000 1
O Ring, Oil Pump to Block 806919050 1
Oil Filter 15208AA060 1
Oil Pump 15010AA108 1
Oxygen Sensor, Front (3-wire Bosch LSH24) 22690AA290 1
Oxygen Sensor, Rear (4-wire Bosch LSH25 new for 99) 22690AA43A 1
PCV Valve 11810AA000 1
Power Outlet H6710AE000 1
Premium Speakers H6300LS000 1
Radiator Cap 45113GA022 1
Radiator Hose Inlet 45167AA020 1
Radiator Hose Outlet 45167AC010 1
Radio DIN Pocket 66128AE000 1
Rear CV Joint Boot Band 23242GA400 1
Rear Bumper Corner Molding E7710AS100 1 Pair
Rear Differential Protector B0310LS000 1
Rear DOJ Boot 28023AA130 1
Rear Gate Bar E7510LS000 1
Rear Roof Spoiler (Wagon) E7210LS000NN 1
Rear Spoiler (Sedan) E7210LS100NN 1
Rear Window Dust Deflector E7510LS100 1
Roof Cargo Basket E3610AS990 1
Roof Cargo Basket Clamps E3610AS810 1 Kit
Roof Cargo Carrier E3610FE6000 1
Rotor, Front Brakes 26310AA092 1
Rotor, Rear Brakes 26710AC020 1
Rubber Mats J501FS3200 1 Set
Security System Upgrade Kit H7110LS100 1 Kit
Sender, Water Gauge 21203AA030 1
Ski Attachment E3610AS790 1 Kit
Ski Attachment Clamps E3610AS820 1 Kit
Slave Cylinder, Clutch (Common To All EJ25's) 30620AA041 1
Spark Plugs (NGK PFR5B-11) 22401AA570 1
Stock Motor Mount 41022AC110 1
Stock Transmission Mount 4102AC150 1
Subwoofer/Amplifier H6300LS200 1 Set
Temperature Sensor 21203AA030 1
Tensioner, Timing Belt (DOHC) 13069AA063 1
Thermostat 21200AA072 1
Throttle Chamber Gasket 16175AA150 1
Trailer Hitch L1010LS000 1
Turbo Crossmember 200100AA120 1
Tweeter Kit H6300LS100 1 Set
Water Pump 21111AA110 1
Woodgrain Patterned Trim J1310LS000 1