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All parts are listed alphabetically by description, and then the part number follows. It may be helpful to use the "edit" and then "find on this page" feature of your browser to speed your search. If you have any part numbers to add to this list, please email them to me. Please keep in mind that I do not sell these parts, I merely maintain this database for fellow enthusiasts.

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Part Name Part Number Quantity
Aero Splashguard Kit Sedan J1010FE210 1
Aero Splashguard Kit Wagon J1010FE200 1
Alloy Wheel Locknut Set (UK) SACC2135 1 Set of 4
Alloy Wheel Locknut Set (US) T3010YS010 1 Set of 4
Alloy Wheel 14" Mesh Type B3100FE000 1
Alloy Wheel 14" 5 Spoke Type B3100FE100 1
Alloy Wheel 14" 8 Spoke Type 28111FE040K 1
Alloy Wheel 15" 5 Spoke Type B3100AE000 1
Alloy Wheel 15" 7 Spoke Type 28111FE010K 1
Alloy Wheel 15" 8 Spoke Type B3100SE000 1
Alloy Wheel 16" 5 Spoke Type 28111FE030K 1
Alloy Wheel 17" 5 Spoke Type Silver 28111AE011K 1
Alloy Wheel 17" 5 Spoke Type Gold 28111FE020K 1
Alloy Wheel 17" Two Piece B3100SE100 1
Anti Dust/Pollen Filter G3210FE000 1
Auxillary Socket - Use with Cooler Box SACC3341 1
Bicycle Carrier Attachment E3617FA572 1
Bumper Molding Protector Kit J1010SE010 2 Pieces
Canoe Carrier Attachment E3610AE590 1 Kit
Car Shampoo 300mL SACC3392 1
Carbon Fiber Effect Dash Kit J1310FE100 1 Kit
Carbon Fiber Effect Shift Knob C1010FA140 1
Carbon Fiber Effect Handbrake Knob C1010FC121 1
Carpet Mat Set Standard J5010SE100RH 1 Set
Carpet Mat Set Deluxe J5010SE200RH 1 Set
Carpet Mat Set WRX J5010SE300RH 1 Set
CD Autochanger Bracket Sedan H6210FE902 1
CD Autochanger Bracket Wagon H6210FE900 1
CD Autochanger Kenwood 6 Disc H6250AE500 1
Column Mounted Boost Gauge H5010FE013 1 Kit
Cooler Box 18 Liter SACC3340 1
Dog Guard F5510SE010 1
Door Mirror Chrome Covers J1017AC106 1 Pair
Fire Extinguisher SACC3110 1
Foglight RH 84501FE080 1
Foglight LH 84501FE090 1
Front Brake Pads 26296FA100 1 Pair
Front Brake Caliper (RH) 26291FA050 1
Front Brake Caliper (LH) 26291FA060 1
Front Brake Caliper Pins 26228FA000 1
Front Brake Caliper Bracket 26225AE000 1
Front Brake Rotor 26310AC040 1
Front Foglamp Kit H4510FE010 1 Set
Front Grill Side Set Silver J1010FE040TG 1 Set
Front Grill Side Set WRC Blue J1010FE040PG 1 Set
Front Grill Side Set Deep Blue J1010FE040IT 1 Set
Front Grill Side Set Red J1010FE040UV 1 Set
Front Grill Side Set Green J1010FE040QI 1 Set
Front Grill Side Set White J1010FE040WG 1 Set
Front Grill Side Set Blue/Black J1010FE040VI 1 Set
Front Strut Brace E4010FE000 1
Front Under Spoiler Sedan E2410FE000TG 1
Front Under Spoiler Sedan Kit E2410FE200 1
Front Under Spoiler Wagon E2410FE100TG 1
Fuel Injector: 480CC STi TT Legacy 16611AA231 1
Fuel Injector: GDA STi 16611AA510 1
Gauge Pack Gauges H5010FE011 1
Gauge Pack Housing H0010FE920OE 1
Leather A/T Shift Lever 35126FE010 1
Leather M/T Shift Knob 35022AC030 1
Load Carrier (Bar Rack) Sedan E3610SE520 1
Load Carrier (Bar Rack) Wagon E3610SE530 1
Longarm Steering Wheel Lock SACC2384 1
Manual Transmission Main Shaft 32201AA820 1
Mini Side Under Spoiler E2610FE000TG 1 Set
Painted Rear Underspoiler Kit E2410FE300 1 Kit
Painted Side Underspoiler Kit E2610FE200 1 Kit
Radio DIN Pocket 66128AE000 1
Rear Cargo Tray Wagon J5110SE000DR 1
Rear Cargo Tray Sedan J5110SE100DR 1
Rear Cup Holder F6010FE100 1
Rear Under Spoiler Sedan E5610FE000TG 1
Rear Under Spoiler Wagon E5610FE100TG 1
Rear Waist Spoiler Wagon E7210FE200TG 1
Resin Cargo Step Panel E7710FE001 1
Roof Rack Attachment E3610FE610 1
Roof Side Visor Sedan E3610FE000 1
Roof Side Visor Wagon E3610FE010 1
Roof Spoiler Wagon E7210FE820TG 1
Rubber Mat Set Front J5010SE010RH 1 Set
Rubber Mat Set Rear J5010SE020RH 1 Set
Sailboard Carrier Kit E3617FA573 1 Kit
Sedan Suspension Kit: Aluminum Control Arm Kit B2010FE250DS 1
Sedan Suspension Kit: Bushing Kit B2010FE270DS 1
Sedan Suspension Kit: Stabilizer Kit B2010FE260DS 1
Sedan Suspension Kit: Strut FR B2010FE210DS 1
Sedan Suspension Kit: Strut FL B2010FE220DS 1
Sedan Suspension Kit: Strut RR B2010FE230DS 1
Sedan Suspension Kit: Strut RL B2010FE240DS 1
Side Moulding Protector Kit J1010SE020 1 Kit
Ski Carrier Kit (6 Pairs) E3610VE100 1 Kit
Ski Carrier Kit (6 Pairs, Height Adjustable) E3610LE311 1 Kit
Ski Carrier Kit (4 Pairs, Diagonal) E3617AE570 1 Kit
Ski Carrier Kit (4 Pairs, Horizontal) E3617AC575 1 Kit
Splashguard (Mudflap) Set J1010FE230 1 Kit
Sports Front Grill Silver J1010FE010TG 1
Sports Front Grill WRC Blue J1010FE010PG 1
Sports Front Grill Deep Blue J1010FE010IT 1
Sports Front Grill Red J1010FE010UV 1
Sports Front Grill Green J1010FE010QI 1
Sports Front Grill White J1010FE010WG 1
Sports Front Grill Blue Black J1010FE010VI 1
Sports Gauge Pack (Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure) H5010FE010 1
Sports Single Boost Gauge Pod H5010FE000 1
Sports Suspension Kit Sedan B2010FE100 1 Kit
Sports Suspension Kit Wagon B2010FE110 1 Kit
Stainless Steel Entry Guards E1010FE005 1 Set of 4
Stainless Steel Cargo Entry Wagon E1010FE000 1
Stainless Steel Cargo Step Panel E7710FE000 1
STi Short Throw Shift Kit C1010FA001 1
STi Strut Hats Front ST2031055000 1
STi Strut Hats Rear RH ST203704S000 1
STi Strut Hats Rear LH ST203704S010 1
STi Titanium Shiftknob C1010FA100 1
Subaru Keyring SACC4008 1
Subaru Impreza Leather Keyring SACC4191 1
Subaru World Rally Team Keyring SACC4224S 1
Super Lube 70ml SACC3391 1
Towbar (Detachable) L1010SE000 1
Turbocharger: Mitsubishi TD0516G 14412AA092 1
Turbocharger: IHI RHB5 VF12 14412AA080 1
Turbocharger: IHI RHF5 VF22 14411AA220 1
Turbocharger: IHI RHF5 VF23 14412AA173 1
Turbocharger: IHI RHF5 VF24 14412AA202 1
Turbocharger: IHI RHF5 VF28 14412AA291 1
Turbocharger: IHI RHF5 VF30 14411AA373 1
Tweeter Kit E3610FE000 1 Kit
VDO Dayton MS6000 Satellite Navigation System SACC3620 1
VDO Dayton MW6000 6 Disc CD Autochanger SACC3620CD 1
VDO Dayton TV6000 TV Tuner SACC3620TV 1
VDO Dayton MA6300 TV Antenna SACC3624 1
VDO Dayton MS5000 Navigation System SACC3621 1
VDO Dayton TV5000 TV Tuner SACC3621TV 1
VDO Dayton MA6300 TV Antenna SACC3624 1
VDO Dayton MS4000 CD Tuner Navigation SACC3622 1
VDO Dayton MD4000 DAB Tuner SACC3622DAB 1
VDO Dayton MS3000 Navigation SystemSACC3623 1
Warning Triangle SACC1270 1
White Side Indicator Lens Set J1010FE500 1 Set
Wiring Kit- Single (Use With L1010SE000) L1010AA012 1
Wood A/T Shift Lever C1010AE000 1
Wood Effect Dash Panel Kit J1310FE000 1 Kit
Wood Handbrake Lever C1010AC100 1